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Situation: A lawyer is leaving the Singapore National Courthouse when his assistant calls to say a valued client is waiting to discuss a dispute with a business partner who has a commercial contract dispute in Latin America. He wants to discuss mediation and arbitration. 

As he slips into the taxi he pulls up the Dispute Resolution Data application on his phone and reviews data, no older than last week, to review trends in dispositions of similar cases, the awards, the costs, those which settled, and the time from commencement to disposition. He arrives informed and ready to discuss.

 Issues which might be researched:

  • Commercial contract cases researched in South America
  • Arbitration and mediation outcomes
  • Awards vs. Claims
  • Cost and fees
  • One arbitrator vs. three arbitrators
  • Average length of cases
  • Percentage settled by mediation

*This story supported by demonstration data. 


*The report data in these graphs is fictitious.
Any resemblance to real cases is purely coincidental.