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Situation: An attorney is working at home on a weekend using his tablet. He is drafting an arbitration clause for licensing the use of intellectual property involving his American client and the European licensee.

He wants to review results for similar cases in the U.S. and Europe for both arbitration and mediation asking among other questions - did the cases settle before an award was rendered, and if so when and how did the award compare to the original demand in U.S. dollars? Do cases generally settle before an award was rendered?

 Issues which might be researched:

  • Intellectual property cases in North America
  • Arbitration and mediation outcomes
  • Awards vs. Claims
  • Average length of cases
  • Percentage settled by mediation
  • Cost and fees
  • One arbitrator vs. three arbitrators
  • Motions practice in North America

*This story supported by demonstration data.


*The report data in these graphs is fictitious.
Any resemblance to real cases is purely coincidental.