DRD Announces New CEO


Diana Droulers, renowned international arbitrator to succeed Bill Slate as CEO of Dispute Resolution Data

Droulers’ vast expertise from managing arbitral institutions, to holding leadership positions on advisory boards and arbitral interest groups, as well as serving as an international arbitrator and ICC Court member, have collectively led her to be the natural successor to DRD’s co-founder Bill Slate as DRD’s new CEO.

Dispute Resolution Data announced today (May 18, 2021) that Diana Droulers will replace Bill Slate as the company’s CEO.  Droulers has had a significant role within DRD from the start of the company six years ago.  She brought her cross-cultural insight to bear as Dispute Resolution Data’s Advisor and helped ensure that DRD recognizes and meets the needs of arbitral institutions and data subscribers globally.  Droulers helped secure eight of the current 19 arbitral institutions that contribute closed case data to the DRD database.  Aware of the significance of DRD as a much-needed resource to help bring transparency to the world of international arbitration, Droulers also helped to hone the DRD templates to reflect uniform language for ease in global analyses, as well as procedural rules.

“Diana has been an integral member of the DRD team from the onset and we are thrilled to have her leadership as DRD advances the availability of sought-after process data,” says Debi Slate, COO and Co-founder of Dispute Resolution Data.

DRD, as the sole-source of current closed-case data, provides key aspects of an international arbitration or mediation to illustrate what’s happening in the global commercial arbitration marketplace drilled down to six regions and 29 case types.  This data provides the due diligence that every client expects their lawyers / arbitrators to know going into arbitration or mediation.  

Sir Francis Bacon said it more artfully, “The better information one has, the more one will be able to control events.” Diana Droulers, CEO Dispute Resolution Data relates, “It was true in 1597 when Bacon said it and it’s a condition of success today in international arbitration.  Knowledge defines how powerful the decision ultimately is.”

DRD is subscription-based and available for purchase directly, or through its strategic marketing partner Wolters Kluwer International.  DRD’s commitment to bringing the most current information available on international commercial arbitration / mediation to its global audience will be exemplified via Droulers’ keen understanding of the alternative dispute resolution marketplace and her proficiency in connecting with global industry colleagues.