About DRD


Dispute Resolution Data, LLC (DRD) has established the first and only global database pertaining to international commercial arbitration and mediation dispositions. With its signature investor, Joe Mansueto, founder of Morningstar, DRD has developed a robust database for data collection and reporting.  New data is added continuously as cases are closed.  The revenue model is based on an annual subscription.

Examples of the types of cases from which data is collected include contract disputes, construction disputes, severance packages for executives, oil and gas, pharmaceutical-biotech, healthcare payer/provider disputes, franchise, licensing agreements, in summary, any and all classifications of business disputes which are arbitrated or mediated. 

The information present in arbitration awards and mediated settlements, which was non-existent as a global resource, has value in terms of cost and risk management, strategy for winning cases and pre-dispute clause drafting for law firms, insurance and reinsurance companies, corporate legal departments, third-party funders and for educational purposes worldwide.  Redacted data is presented in aggregate by case type and geographic region avoiding traditional confidentiality concerns. A patent for the U.S. is pending.

DRD is the sole source globally for this information.  The data contributors have signed exclusive agreements with DRD. The co-founders, William K. and Debora Moore Slate each have 20+ years of experience in the field and are known leaders worldwide in arbitration and mediation.

In 2017 DRD was recognized by the Global Arbitration Review, as the best innovation by an individual or organization to the field of arbitration. 

"An essential decision-making tool when a company is faced with a dispute that may have to be solved by mediation or arbitration."

Mission & Vision