User Testing feedback recommends launching services NOW!


“Highly refined, sophisticated; far more than I anticipated, Ground breaking

Participants in Dispute Resolution Data’s six user testing sessions consistently encouraged Dispute Resolution Data to launch research services “NOW”. 

In each of our user test working sessions, we gained tremendous insight on the value of dispute resolution data and how it would be used to formulate strategies that transform levels of service.  Several key examples include:

  • An essential decision making tool when a company is faced with a dispute that may have to be solved by mediation or arbitration.
  • To determine if arbitration is good for a particular contract and consider the best place for arbitration
  • To assist me in drafting adequate dispute resolution clauses in international contracts.
  • As an attorney, I would use the data for contract clause drafting, settlement strategies, time/cost budgeting, and institution selection.
  • To answer daily calls about how much it (arbitration/mediation) will cost, how long will it last, how do we get the process started.
  • Provides businesses, lawyers and neutrals the facts about the real world of dispute resolution


Participants included representatives from around that world and arbitration and mediation organizational staff. In each sessions, users explored the software and used a hypothetical case study to research.  After this case study, our user testing participants provided us positive feedback about our research reports such as:

  • DRD has a central database to gather information for dispute resolution that would be much harder to obtain by independent research through other legal databases
  • It is very simple to navigate and find relevant information.
  • That data is provided in a digestible and consolidated form

In addition, our participants provided valuable suggestions to improve user experience, report statistics, and data templates that we have implemented in our upcoming release scheduled for September 28th.

We are very grateful for the insight and encouragement that our user test participants provided to prepare us for our October 7th launch at the International Bar Association Conference in Vienna. 

As a part of our launch we invite you to share your insights about what dispute resolution data can do for you by:

  • participating in a future user test session, 
  • attending an information webinar, or 
  • joining us for a “hands-on” data research case study.  

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