How does DRD define case conclusions?

  • Awarded cases concluded by any of: monetary Awards to one or more parties; non-monetary Awards to one or more parties (including declaratory, specific performance, injunctive); a combination of monetary and non-monetary Awards; and the dismissal of a claim by an Award or Order of the tribunal for lack of jurisdiction, admissibility or sustainability, or for failure to pursue a claim.
  • Settled / Withdrawn – resolved by agreement of the parties, with or without the assistance of the arbitrator. A settlement may be recorded in a Consent Award OR the withdrawal of a claim or counterclaim that had been filed with the institution.
  • Administrative Close – the termination of an arbitration by the institution for non-compliance with directions for payment.
  • Dismissed – the dismissal of a claim or counterclaim by the tribunal, by way of an Order or an Award, without a final hearing on the merits, in such cases as a failure by a party to pursue its claim; a manifest lack of jurisdiction; or a manifest lack of legal merit.