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Situation: A French lawyer represents a construction company that was awarded a project to build a large bridge in Canada. He is drafting a dispute resolution clause for the contract and is considering options for his contract clause. He wants to consider both mediation and arbitration.

 Some of the issues which the lawyer might research:

Arbitration in Europe & North America

  • What is the average case length? 
  • What is the average claim vs. award amount?
  • Do National Courts get involved?
  • Do parties frequently file counterclaims - if so, do they prevail?


Mediation in Europe & North America

  • Length of mediation?
  • Settlement rates for the construction industry in each region?
  • How are mediators selected?

*This story supported by demonstration data.


*The report data in these graphs is fictitious.
Any resemblance to real cases is purely coincidental.