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Situation: An energy advocate has a need for information to decide if she should take a case to arbitration in the Americas. To inform her decision, she looks up what percentage of the overall caseload were energy cases, whether mediation was involved and what the case results were.


Issues which might be researched

  • What are the arbitration case statistics in Latin America?
  • Average length of case - How long?
  • Average Claim vs. Award
  • Do parties frequently file counterclaims - if so, do they prevail?


Mediation in Latin America

  • What is the average length of mediations?
  • What is the percentage of settlement rates for energy cases?
  • How are mediators selected?
  • What is the percentage of successful mediations?

*This story supported by demonstration data. 


*The report data in these graphs is fictitious.
Any resemblance to real cases is purely coincidental.