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Situation: A dispute is brewing between a US contractor and a Latin American sub-contractor at a major energy plant in Latin America.  General Counsel of the contractor needs to weigh the implications of arbitrating the dispute under the contract terms if it cannot be nipped in the bud.

The parties' dispute resolution argument calls for institutional arbitration at their chosen neutral venue in Europe, before a three-member tribunal to be selected by the parties.  General Counsel wants to have a grasp of the likely duration and cost of an arbitration in Europe by contrast with her experience and expectations, which are largely informed by practice and procedure in the United States.  Also, the approach likely to be taken by a tribunal at a European seat to such matters as motions practice and interrogatories.


DRD data will provide relevant and current stats, by all case types and by the energy industry, in Europe-sited arbitration, including:

  • Average duration and costs.
  • Average amount awarded as compared to the amount of the claim.
  • Counterclaims; value and success rate.
  • Prevalence of interrogatories.
  • Rates of settlement and at what point in the proceedings.
  • State court intervention.




Data represented as of 7 April 2020


Data represented as of 7 April 2020