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    Data Stories

    DRD Benefits | Data Stories | Demonstration

    Our Data Stories feature different professional settings and legal scenarios which illustrate how dispute resolution data can be used to address clarifications for clients, briefings and hearings strategy, cost budgets, locales, national court involvements and numerous other issues related to international commercial arbitrations and mediations. In each of the "Data Story" examples, one sees how to "filter on" a possible research topic and see a tailored research report (data).

    In-house training


    Situation:  Everyman LLP, a substantial international law practice, is conducting one of its periodic...

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    Client Pitch


    Situation: Everywoman LLP, a major US law firm with a number of international offices and with a growing reputation ...

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    Clause Drafting


    Situation: The Paris office of a US law firm has been instructed to draw u...

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    Client Advice


    Situation: A valued Asian client has called his lawyers in Singapore to arrange an urgent meeting to discuss options in a time-crit...

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    Situation: A dispute is brewing between a US contractor and a Latin American sub-contractor at a major energy plant in Latin America.  G...

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    Settlement Options


    Situation: The General Counsel of a Mexican Claimant in a high-value commercial contracts arbitration that has been underway for seve...

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    Demonstration Data

    DRD Benefits | Data Stories | Demonstration

    DRD reports highlight key statistics from international commercial arbitrations and mediations which have final awards, were settled, or withdrawn. These reports are dynamically updated with current data contributions. DRD data explores 28 different international, commercial arbitration and mediation case types. These were developed by working with exceptional institutional leaders and gaining valuable advice from practitioners, scholars, arbitrators, mediators and many others including our own DRD team.